Wide Choice Of Church Shoes For Men And Women

Are you shopping for church shoes? Such shoes are synonymous with formal shoe wear as well as those made of high quality leather. This is a tradition that has come down through the ages. Calf leather shoes which are laced up or buttoned up are what people wear to church. Even when there is a wedding in a church, one may wear fancy clothes, but when it comes to shoes, they have to be formal and conservative.  Church is where a lot of people take their first steps to Christ in their church shoes.

Choices Of Shoes For Church

This is one trend that has not changed and will not as well. When it comes to religion, people believe in holding onto to their traditional dress code and not many are willing to allow that to change. With the change of times however, there are wide choices for formal shoes for men and women. When it comes to English shoes for church, the Consul shoes in calf leather are the most popular. This is the most popular shoes for men when it comes to church shoes. Most men have such shoes in their wardrobe as part of their formal wear. Hence, they can slip on these shoes when they go to church on Sundays or on special occasions like Christmas, weddings and funeral ceremonies.

Modern Designs And Options For Men

There are more modern shoes amongst formal wear for men these days. There is a particular series of shoes called City Line which has different style forms synonymous with the different cities across the world. There are some more modern designs which are a cross between casual and formal wear. One such category is the loafer shoes in leather. In black leather, the loafer shoes can subtly pass off as church shoes for men. These provide men more choice in their wardrobe and one can have more variety for their footwear for visiting the church every Sunday.

Traditional Church Shoes For Women

For women, church shoes consist of formal shoes which are sleeker versions of the formal wear for men. The laced up, leather shoes which are present for women are of the Shannon style, the Burwood or the Sally style. These are in essence men’s formal shoes which are designed for women. Hence, such church shoes for women are no different than those for men. Boots are a popular option for women, especially during the winter mornings. These provide one the option to dress up and look good as well as get adequate warm cover for their legs and feet. The Caroline Met is a style which many women will favor. This is a more modern and feminine design and is a relief for those who shudder to wear chauvinistic designs like the Burwood Met.

More Options For Women

There are even slip on sandals which have a cover in front such as the Annie shoe style. Such church shoes for women allow them to look fashionable and conservative at the same time. Thus, most of the church shoes are designed in black leather which is either of calf leather or patent leather which is shiny. The high quality leather church shoes are pricey and these shoes are investments which are not to be taken lightly.